Community Cares Partners Emergency Rental Assistance Application Guide

​​Emergency Rental Assistance is Still Here 

Though the moratorium on evictions ended in August of 2021, rental and utility assistance is still available. Community Cares Partners ( is the only statewide Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) currently running in Oklahoma. If you find yourself struggling to make your rental payments on-time, or if you have to choose between necessities like food or medicine in order to pay rent on-time this resource can help. There are three criteria for a household to qualify:

  1. Financial hardship due to COVID-19
    • A household member qualifies for unemployment
    • Household has experienced a reduction in household income
    • Had an increase in expenses
  1. Demonstrates a housing risk
    • Past Due Notices, Notice to Quit, or Eviction Summons
  1. Household income limitation
    • At or below 80% Area Median Income (AMI)

*Based on the number of people in the applicant’s household and the annual household income, the applicant’s income must be at or below 80% AMI. To view the AMI chart,click here.

This blog post (including the visuals below), will help you get started on your emergency rental assistance application. If you need in-person assistance with any of these steps, please come see us at the Social Services HUB. We operate our Social Services HUB at the Iron Gate Building (501 W Archer St, 74103) four days a week, Mon-Thu 1pm-4:30pm.


Before you begin, you will need an active email address that you can access and sign in to (this is primarily to receive the weekly case updates from CCP that they will email). If you don’t have an active email, fear not! You can get a free email account using Gmail. If you have difficulty with this step, we can sign you up for a Gmail account at our Social Service HUB (all you need is a valid phone number). If you are unable to access a phone for verification, we can still assist you by having a friend or family member provide their number as a verification (please note we will need them to be in contact with us during registration to confirm the activation code). Ideally, we would use a number that you have access to and can receive calls/messages on. If you don’t have access to a phone, but you receive Food Stamps or Medicaid, etc. then you can apply for a free cellphone to aid this process. For more information on this program click HERE


1. Navigate to your internet browser and go to

2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Start Application”

 3. This window will open. Click “Register”

4. Complete the Registration Form as requested. For “Password” it is essential that you pick a password that is easy to remember. Please note this needs to contain a Capital Letter, a Number, and a Special Character, and be at least 12 characters long. Some examples would be: P@ssword123! OR Housing1234!

5. Once you hit “Continue”, you will receive a confirmation email to the address you used in the registration.

6. You will look for an email from, or by searching for “Community Cares Partners” in the search bar. Please note it can take up to 5 minutes to receive the email, however this is usually instantaneous. Once opened click the link that says “clicking here”

  • At this stage you can either follow the link named “Click here to log in” OR if you are completing the form at the Social Services HUB on one of our tablets, you will go back to the tablet to sign in. You can ask a member of our team for assistance if needed

  • Once at the sign in page, simply input the email address and password you used to Register (Please either save these in your browsers email memory or create a note on your phone for ease of access. You will need these to log into your account to check your status. Please note that LTRC do not have access to the CCP Database and cannot provide status or payment updates)

You’re all set! You can now begin your application as a Tenant. Please make sure to follow the correct link to apply. The application takes approximately 35-45 minutes to complete. If you have any questions regarding this process (or you are having trouble in signing up) then please come and see us for in-person Customer Care at our Social Services HUB at Iron Gate, 501 W Archer St, 74103. *Please do not call the Iron Gate Building, they are not affiliated with this program and cannot assist you. You can contact LTRC via 918.218.4138


Complete the application. Please note, if you do not upload the necessary documents, it will delay your application being processed. You should upload a Photo ID (this does not need to be valid but does need to show your likeness and DOB clearly). The program will accept all forms of Photo ID (including passports) and you DO NOT need to be a citizen to qualify, just a resident of Oklahoma. The main reason for a delay in processing is not having a Landlord Email Address on your application. To ensure direct communication between CCP and your Landlord, it is vital that they have an email address (in order to forward documents for signing and request documents in support of your claim). Often, a simple call to your landlord or property manager is the easiest way to get this information. If you do not have this when applying, then you can update it later, however the application will require an email to be entered into this field before they will approve it. To avoid confusion, we recommend using Please be aware that this email address MUST be updated ASAP upon completion of the application. Please speak with a member of our team if you have any questions.


Once you have completed all steps above and confirmed your email, you can log into the Neighborly portal to check your status, update details, and upload supplementary documents. Applying for any resource can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help! If you get stuck on any portion of this process, please come see us in-person. We operate our Social Services HUB at the Iron Gate Building (501 W Archer St, 74103) four days a week, Mon-Thu 1pm-4:30pm where our team are happy to assist in any technology needs, or to answer any question you may have regarding the application process. If you need help with transportation to/from the HUB, or your eviction court date please call/text us at 918.218.4138 to learn more about getting a free digital bus pass.


Please note that CCP is no longer accepting applications for Utility Assistance. There are still other programs available in Tulsa that can help with this. Please look at this resource print-out for more information.